Gude Laune is angesagt Ich hab wohl am kommenden WE n Date

Ich muss dringend was gegen meine sympathische Anziehungskraft machen  Ok, vllt auch net

Möööööp scheiß Ohrwürmer immer xD

So one, two, three, take my hand and come with me
Because you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine
I said you look so fine that I really wanna make you mine
Four, five, six, come on get your kicks now
You don't need money when you look like that
Do you, honey

Big black boots
Long brown hair
She´s so sweet with her
Get back stare

I can see
You home with me
But you are with another man, yeah
I know we ain´t got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah!

I said are you gonna be my girl?

Well, it´s a one, two, three, tell me you have to come with me
Because you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine
Four, five, six, come on and get your kicks now
You don´t need money with a face like that
Do ya!

Big black boots
Long brown hair
She´s so sweet with her
Get back stare

I can see
You home with me
But you are with another man, yeah
I know we ain´t got much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah!

I said are you gonna be my girl?

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Come on

I can see
You home with me
But you are with another man, yeah!
I know we ain´t got
Much to say
Before I let you get away, yeah!
Be my girl
Be my girl
Are you gonna be my girl? Yeah!

Sooo... aber krank binsch immer noch Scheiß Virus Grippe

naja... bis dennööö, Leutz

Und immer locker durch die Hose atmen


5.11.06 15:30

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